Where Water met Electricity

An upcoming unofficial free, digital Korrasami zine


Mod Asagi | Head, Finance, and Shipping Mod | She/Her
Previous Experience: Once Upon A Time, Anchored, Another Life, and more
Asagi is a professional writer and casual bi disaster who will kill for Korrasami if given the opportunity, she loves running zines and is all kinds of amazed that this hasn't been done yet

Mod Grey | General Mod | They/Xe/He
Previous Experience: BNHA Lotus, Devotion, eternity, and more
Grey is your local tea-drinking, zine-obsessed insomniac. Their main hobbies at the moment are writing short stories and poetry, taking photos, folding origami, and playing Hades.

Mod pewpewpew | Graphics Mod | She/Her
Previous Experience: Crossed Realms, Beyond a Bond, Kuvira Zine Vol. 2
Pewpewpew is a freelance visual artist who discovered the zine world in early 2020 and hasn't looked back since. She's currently the head and art/graphics/layout mod for Beyond a Bond: an InoShikaCho Zine (Naruto) and graphics mod for Kuvira Zine Volume 2: Not Alone (Legend of Korra). She is very excited to be part of this zine team and create an amazing project for the sweetest ship in LoK: Korasami!

Mod Unii | Graphics Mod | She/Her
This is Unii's first zine as a mod!
Unii likes to exercise and wear cute clothes by day but is a gremlin hunched over in front of her keyboard screaming at games by night. The amount of time she spends doodling pretty girls in class is unhealthy :0


Contributor Apps OpenJun 01
Contributor Apps CloseJul 15
Digital Zine Contributor Apps OpenAug 08
Digital Zine Contributor Apps CloseAug 22
Contributor EmailsSep 01
Check-In #1Oct 01
Check-In #2Nov 01
Check-In #3Dec 01
Soft Deadline for Final SubmissionsJan 05
Hard Deadline for Final SubmissionsJan 19

*All dates are stated in PDT/PST (UTC-7/8) and subject to change


What is a zine?
A Zine (short for “Magazine”) is an independently published booklet, usually comprised of art, poetry, stories, comics, or any combination thereof.
What rating is the zine?
This zine is rated PG-13 (so nothing more NSFW than a Marvel movie-- excluding Deadpool, of course), but you must be 18 or older to participate.
What do contributors get?
All contributors will receive the free pdf.
What if I have to drop out of the zine?
That’s okay! We understand life comes first. We have a schedule in place to gather pinch-hitters if they are required, though we ask that if you do need to drop out, please do so before the final check-in, if possible.
What if I miss out on the zine entirely?
Don’t worry! The zine will be available for free forever once it is released.
How will the zine be promoted?
Through the zine’s tumblr blog (currently being rebuilt due to erroneously being flagged) and twitter. Previews and promotional art and/or stories will be posted closer to (and during) the pre-order time frame, but it will be up to the mod team and contributors to reblog, retweet, etc., to spread the word!

Contributor Guidelines

If you’re thinking of applying as a contributor, here’s what you need to know!

All applicants must be 18+This zine is rated PG-13, so nothing more NSFW than a Marvel movie (no, not including Deadpool)The focus of the zine is obviously Korrasami, but background pairings are allowed so long as Korrasami is the focus :)Canonverse and AU are both welcome!
For Writers
Please submit your stories with the maximum word count of 3,500 words (with the leeway limit of 100 words max) in a Google Document. At the top of your piece, state the total word count and list tags like you would when publishing on AO3 (like: AU type, relationships, warnings, fluff/romance).You do not have to have a formally beta’d work! If you’re completely happy with your piece when you send it in, that’s all we ask, if we happen to find a potential typo or have a question about something you’ve written during our reveiw process, we’ll simply ask about itThat said, we are NOT editors, so please make sure you’re happy with your work before sending it in!
For Artists
Art does not have to be full color, but it is encouraged!Comics are allowed! But there will be limited availability for multi-page spreads to keep our page count decent, so please let us know ASAP if you’re interested in doing a multi-page comic or spread!Please submit both a PDF and PNG version of your piece(s) and ensure that each piece is formatted to CMYK and 300dpi, and measures to 5.5 x 8.5 inches (with the art continuing to the edge). If you are creating a double spread or comic, please submit both the whole piece and the separate pages as separate files. Your separate pages need to measure to 5.5 x 8.5 inches each and have the page number written at the end of the file title (e.g. …Title of piece Page 1).
For Cosplayers
Follow the above for the artists and list your photographer’s credit following your own: Credit_Photographer Credit_SFW_Title of piece.
NSFW Rules:

Artists and Cosplayers:
No genitalia, bare butts have to be run by the mods for context before being allowed, as wile these certainly aren’t always sexual, the line is still pretty thin at timesNo explicit sexual themes; romance is obviously ok, up to a PG-13 level, kissing is fine, snuggling is fine, neck-smooching is fine, but if it’s below the neck, please contact us first with a detail of what exactly you plan to do, not ALL below-the-neck activity is sexual (IE: shoulder kisses) but enough is that we just want to be sure, we want the zine to be teen and up so that everyone can be comfortable with it, but we also aren’t about censorship, so please work with us to find the balance!This is meant to be a more light-natured zine so please keep any blood and gore to a minimum, we aren’t going to ban it outright but we certainly aren’t looking for SAW here
No explicit descriptions of nudity or sexual themes, IE: mentioning that Korra is naked is fine but please don’t describe anything in detail, and although it’s fine to mention Korra and Asami slept together, but no explicit sex is to take placeR rated language is fine, but we ask that you not use crass sexual references (IE: dropping the F bomb here and there is fine, “pussies” is not)This is meant to be a lighter natured zine, so wile we won’t outright ban violence or blood, we ask that you keep it to a minimum, try not to go too far beyond what’s acceptable in canonIf your story contains material that may be triggering such as PTSD, death or permanent injury, please include a trigger warning!
Final Note:
Absolutely no slurs or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated, it’s fine if you want to have an antagonist who’s homophobic or something, but please don’t use any slurs to relay it <3On that, the organizers do not consider “Queer” to be a slur, we consider it reclaimed! So please feel perfectly comfortable using it if you so choose, but we do ask that you not use it as an insult or in a slur-context, as again, “queer” is meant to be a positive word in this space!